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Three Funny Things That Were Found By Police In The Handbag Of 3 Kamiti Prisoners (Photos)

The country can finally enjoy peace after the three dangerous terrorists who had escaped from prison were arrested before they could sneak out of the country. 

Three Kamiti Prisoners seem to be smart enough because they were well prepared for the escape from the Kamiti Maximum Prison. In additional information, the three carried clothes, Cooking Oil, match stick, and Cooking flour.

The three knew very well that they were going to face hunger as they were trying to leave the country through Mboni Forest. According to sources, the three were spotted by Kitui residents who captured them and informed the government.

According to fresh reports, an elderly local woman who operates an eatery in Endau market says that the three men had gone to her eatery and asked her to help them charge their mobile phone. The woman says that she declined to offer them the service and the trio went away. Kenya forces played a big role in ensuring that everything was okay and maintained order.

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