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Bad News To DP Ruto And Sputnik Vaccine Users As Worrying Reports Emerges On Efficiency of The Jab

Deputy president William Ruto Surprised many Kenyans after He went against The odds and Took Russian made Sputnik Vaccine. His Boss Uhuru Kenyatta was injected with Atrazeneca One.

However, The Government moved with Speed and Banned the importation, Distribution and Administration of Covid19 Vaccine By Private players hence Allowing The Ministry of Health to take Full control of the Exercise.

Today The worrying updates indicates that Argentina President has tested Positive For Coronavirus Nearly Two months after He was injected with Russian Made Sputnik V Vaccine. The Latin Based country has been experienced surge in cases recently.

It should be known that Argentina was the first country after Russia to use The vaccine. The jab boosts of 91.6% efficacy and Protects against severe variants of the Global Pandemic

With Such updates The faith in the dose will lower considering that The head of state has such high medical attention.

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