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How to make a girl to be addicted to you

Making a girl get addicted to you is not something very difficult. Girls only need this simple tricks and you will catch them up

1.put her first

Nothing makes a girl happy than knowing that she is your first thing you thinks of. Give her everything as your queen, buy her gifts and always call her just to show that you care about her wellbeing. If you do this just know that she will put you in all her heart

2. Accept her as she is

Understanding your girl as she is will make you unique from other men and by doing this you will increase her trust and love in you. Complement her how she is beautiful and let her know her value to you. When she realizes she is mostly valued then you get her love you deeply from her heart

3. Satisfy her in bed

The way girls like men who will give them good gifts and surprises is the same way they expect to be satisfied in sex. Try to satisfy your girl in bed and she will definitely be addicted to you forever

4. Understand her

Girls like men who are understanding. If she tells you anything about her just understand and do not fight back if it is something you are not sure of

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