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New Prices Of Unga In Busia, Kakamega, Mombasa, Nyeri, Bungoma & Vihiga Days After Ruto's Assertions

Notwithstanding president William Ruto's recent claim that his government has lowered the price of maize flour from sh 230 to sh 180, nothing has changed on the ground.

This is in accordance with a story the author covered that was published by Sunday's Standard and that currently claims that prices of maize flour have not changed based on a spot check with several supermarkets and traders nationwide.

Prices for maize flour are included in the report for major towns including Mombasa, Nyeri, and other regions of Western Kenya.

According to the article, maize flour is currently selling for more money in Mombasa than wheat flour, with a 2kg bag reportedly going for sh 205. Products like Umi maize flour and Dola cost respectively sh 185 and sh 205.

The cheapest brand of maize flour is offered at sh 195 at Naivas shop in Mombasa.

According to a grocery employee in Nyeri, a two kg box of maize flour is presently retailing for between Sh 175 and Sh 235 depending on the brand.

The writer observed that maize flour costs between sh 175 and sh 235 at Samrat shop in Nyeri.

Maize flour costs between sh 190 and sh 207 in Kakamega, according to Khetias and Quickmart stores.

In Khetias, Soko, Dola, and Ajab maize flour costs sh 198, sh 190, and sh 195, respectively, whereas Dola, Ajab, and Soko ugali are priced at sh 207, sh 206, and sh 200, respectively, at Quickmart.

Most supermarkets in Busia and Bungoma sell maize flour for between 200 and 210 Shillings. Dola maize flour was being sold for sh 203, while Jogoo cost sh 207.It is clear that Ruto's claims that the price of maize flour had been cut have not been implemented nationwide.

"When you were in office for five years, unga prices increased to sh 230. It has been whittled down to sh 180. In no time, the cost will reach sh 140 "President William Ruto was responding to Raila Odinga, a former prime minister.

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