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Check Out What Senior Counsels, Orengo and Otiende Amollo, are Planning to Revive BBI

The plotted BBI constitutional amendments were hit by a block after it was rejected by the five High Court judges for not following the right procedures in initiating the bill to the national assembly. Despite that, the ODM party members and Kieleweke part of Jubilee are plotting to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

The two senior counsels of ODM are planning this as Kiigen K. Koech tweeted, "So Senior Counsels, James Orengo & Otiende Amollo will be amongst those leading the legal team in the BBI appeal. Two legal minds who got into trouble with the ODM Party Leader for labelling part of the BBI Bill Unconstitutional. Without the two, the King would be naked in court."

Frank Mtetezi then added this on his twitter page commenting, "The Walking Constitution SC James Orengo and SC Otiende Amollo are currently Perusing the Constitution for the the task a head on reviving BBI from ICU , President Uhuru Kenyatta is also currently playing his role of swearing in the referee Madam CJ Martha Koome ,Be optimistic!"

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