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9 habits that make people avoid you in their lives

While some people attract, others are avoided. People are social creatures and even if you consider yourself as a loner, you still need to communicate with a relatively large number of people. There may be good reasons why people avoid you in a wide berth. Today i want to share with you habits that make people avoid you.

1; You talk too much; Talking in itself is not bad however, there are two general notions that people have about people who talk too much. They lie a lot and they like to gossip. When people notice you talk a lot they tend to avoid you and caution themselves while around you because they are afraid that you spill out their secrets.

2; You beg too much; Do you have that one friend who when you see his or her call you know that they're about to ask you for something. If you are individual who always asking for assistance people will begin to avoid you.

3; You always lament; If you are constantly complaining to your friends about all the things that go wrong in your life, If you are loading all your troubles to them every time you see each other you will be pushing them away from your life with your constant whining and complains.

4; You are too intense; When you are too harsh all the time people tend to react by being dismissive and indifferent about you. It's exhausting to deal with someone who is emotionally volatile. Nobody likes to be around with someone who every little thing seems to be offensive to you, quick to get angry, who holds grudges against people and who overreacts to situations.

5; You are not serious with life; You might have a lot of fans because of your own serious attitude but you would lose other friends because of the same reason. Sadly the ones that will finally give up on you are the serious minded ones who you need the most to succeed. Attitude of arriving late for meetings and other appointments, canceling them at the last moments and not keeping your promises will not only make people avoid you but also make them withhold opportunities from you.

6; Dishonesty; Nobody likes to have friend who is not trustworthy and honest to eachother. Dishonest people do not only lie to you they pass untrue information which may lead you into trouble if you act on them. If you are dishonest person people will try all their best to avoid you.

7; You criticize too much; When you are too judgemental people tend to ignore you. Nobody wants to be around someone who always counters their opinion and makes them feel like they know nothing. Criticisms when necessary is right.

8; You expect too much from people; It's not out of place to want your friends to do stuff for you or to reciprocate your helpful needs but with expectations come disappointments. If people notice that you expect too much from them, they will give you distance because they are scared of disappointing you.

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