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Hon. Chris Wamalwa Breaks Silence Hours After Getting A New Appointment

This afternoon, following a widely successful National Delegates Conference of Ford Kenya held at Bomas of Kenya, I was elected as the Secretary General of our great party.

I take this early opportunity to thank the party delegates for bestowing their confidence and faith in me. I will not betray your trust. 

Our party is an old and historic party rooted in the protracted struggle for a democratic,just,equitable,peaceful and prosperous Kenya. Watered by the blood,sweat and tears of many patriots. Our party is firmly rooted in a progressive and clear ideology.

 Ford-kenya is also the rock of Kenyan politics. Often battered by the waves of infiltration, traitors and sabotage. Yet always emerging stronger and marching towards victory. The FORD-KENYA of today equally shrugs off the acts of saboteurs and mercenaries and marches forward. Forward to victory.

As the glue of victorious coalitions we will continue to play our role in the coalition that will form the government in 2021. We worked with the NARC coalition to deliver the historic victory of NARC in 2002. Ushering in transformational leadership. In 2007 we played our role in the Grand coalition government and delivered the most progressive constitution in Africa. 

Today we work with the One Kenya Alliance to deliver economic liberation for the million's of Kenyans still afflicted by poverty,ignorance and disease. 

To my party leader, Hon. Moses Masika Wetangula.

 I congratulate you on your re-election as Party Leader. It is a measure of the immense confidence that all the party members have in you. Walk with your head held up high. Engage with your fellow Presidential candidates with confidence. You have our unswerving, unalloyed and undiluted confidence and support. 

To our supporters and aspirants all over the country. FORD-KENYA is back. The party is fresh and revamped. Gearing for victory. The lion of Justice and freedom roars in the political jungle. The enemies of democracy and progress have scattered. 

I conclude with the words of the late Michael Kijana Wamalwa. The grand March to statehouse continues.


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