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Autopsy Of Shakahola Victims Reveals Horrifying Information According to recent information Revealed by the chief inspector, Mr Martin Munene is that some of the Shakahola massacre victims had missing body organs when they were found as examined by government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

The victims, thought to be members of pastor Paul Mackenzie's Good News International Church, may have had their organs removed before they were interred in mass graves, according to some speculation.

According to court filings, Chief Inspector Martin Munene stated that several of the bodies that have been excavated thus far had missing organs discovered during an examination performed by government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

The trading of human body parts is thought to have been a well-organized network involving a number of actors. It is believed that there may yet be further victims buried in the vast area of more than 1,000 acres," said Munene.

According to Munene, they are attempting to connect the self-styled preacher Mackenzie to the trafficking and exploitation of human organs.

The policeman said, "Mackenzie and pastor Ezekiel Odero are thought to be closely connected."

The government pathologist revealed that two infants died from asphyxiation while speaking to the media on May 1.

The children's fingernails were discolored blue, according to the top pathologist, and this was brought on by a lack of oxygen.

"Blush fingernails are a sign that these people were not getting enough oxygen into their bodies when they died." We are thinking that perhaps anything happened to them to suffocate them by depriving them of air,' Oduor added.

According to Oduor, none of the 10 bodies belonging to the allegedly controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie's victims had any missing body parts.

"There was no indication that any body parts were missing, and the bodies appeared to have been famished. To positively identify exhumed bodies, DNA samples from relatives will be taken starting on Tuesday, according to Oduor.

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