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Trending Politician of The Month

Francis Atwoli has been a trending this month following his quotes which are creating laughter in the social media.Atwoli's quotes are commonly used in the social media by netizens to give them selves hope so as to rescue the situation which they are facing most of the time .The common term which is common among the netizens is "Alaah,Alaah,Alaah" which is to express ironical situation or the outcome which an opposite of the expection.This month this was the best one in creating laughter . Another one was "Na tusitishwe sisi"This was to expose courage among the netizens who are facing certain pressure.Across the country, Atwoli being known due to his funny quotes. Atwoli Qualifies to be the best comedian ever.

For politicians who are comedians,proffesor Lonyangapuo was the most famous politician in creating laughter he had ceased for a while .This month ,Atwoli is the best ever.

Atwoli's words are being loved by netizens because of his courage and openness in many occasions.He works under no fears

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