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Amount of Money Raila Used To Purchase BJ-50 Kenyan Made Vehicle

Raila Odinga is on a political tour to Mt Kenya region in a bid to popularise his presidential bid ahead of the 2022 general elections which are barely 10 months aways .

His gradual advances to Mt Kenya comes amid a struggle between him and DP Ruto to win the hearts of the residents of Mt Kenya region.This is a region which is believed to be voter rich and has the highest influence in who ascends to power .

As reported by Standard News, Raila Odinga allegedly bought a Laikipian made vehicle worth Kenya shillings 450000 at Nanyuki. He is now a proud owner of the BJ-50 version of vehicle. This kind of vehicles secured approval last to operate on Kenyan roads .

This type of vehicles are of its own kind and are assembled by Sagak automobiles based in Laikipia county.They are cheaper and affordable to many Kenyans as compared to imported vehicles .

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