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"That's How I Ended My Relationship With Him" Munishi Recalls Fallout With Controversial Mackenzie

For the first time, acclaimed gospel musician Faustin Munishi has discussed his experience with contentious pastor Paul Mackenzie in 2015.

The gospel singer spoke candidly about his relationship with the divisive preacher who has been accused of being responsible for the murders of more than 110 people in an exclusive interview with the Nation on the sidelines of a church fellowship at the Christian Brotherhood Church in Kisulisuli, Nakuru County.

Both controversial pastor Ezekiel Odero and the leader of the Shakahola slaughter cult are being looked into by detectives.

The controversial preacher Mr. Mackenzie is at the center of the tragedy. It is said that he indoctrinated his followers, some of them lost their jobs and some of whom dropped out of school in order to follow a religious delusion. 

The 'Malebo' hitmaker disclosed that they had been close friends with Mackenzie since 2015, but they had broken up in 2019 because he began using fear of the unknown and perverted radical religious teachings to manipulate locals in his Malindi backyard and his followers.

I've even gone to his church before, and I later preached there on a platform for Times TV.He was a decent man at the time and taught the message of truth," Munishi said.

In 2019, Mr. Mackenzie was detained on suspicion of influencing people to refrain from registering with the recently launched Huduma Namba.

Munishi claims that the renowned preacher thereafter started telling his followers that going to school was wicked.

In his initial court appearance in 2019, Pastor Mackenzie was accused of radicalization, endorsing extreme ideologies, and neglecting to enrol his children in the compulsory primary and secondary education.

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