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ICC Issues Statement on DP Ruto's Lawyer Paul Gicheru as Proceedings For His Charges Starts Today

Last year,Lawyer Paul Gicheru,who was part of the DP Ruto's defence team during the ICC cases handed himself to ICC authorities in Netherlands.

And now the International Criminal Court of Justice has issued a statement on the prosecution of the Lawyer.

The court is currently hearing the determination of the case against Paul Gicheru,whom the court claimed that he obstructed justice in DP Ruto and Joshua Sang's cases against humanity.

The court also claimed that Paul Gicheru bought and threatened the ICC witnesses,who were testifying against DP Ruto and Joshua Sang, leading to the collapse of the cases involving the two.

The newly elected Prosecutor of ICC Karim Khan, excused himself from the case,as he was part of DP Ruto's defence team.

The former Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda,had blamed Uhuru's government for not co-operating with the court in cases against the DP and Joshua Sang,which led to the cases being vacated.

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