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Raila Break Silence, Say He Is Under Pressure To Call Off Demonstration

A large mass action against the William Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza government has been planned and will be carried out by the Azimio Coalition Party.

As a result of the President's refusal to heed the opposition leader's demands, the notice is timely.

The two leaders have received calls from various parties as the day draws closer requesting a truce. Each leader taking a strong stance has prevented this from taking flight. When it comes to the planned mass protest, the president has threatened to deal with Raila Odinga seriously if he violates any laws.

According to the Star, Raila Odinga now claims that he is being pressured to cancel scheduled protests for Monday, March 20.

The majority of the criticisms he has received refer to him as a suicide bomber, but Odinga says that he won't back down or stop the protests.

He promised to release himself as a sacrifice the day before, but the protests must go on.

The President was informed that even if he were to be killed, his spirit would continue to fight for Kenyans.

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