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Manchester United fans are giving Ole Gunnar sleepless nights

Manchester United fans are the topic of the day. This is because they have gone viral all of social media. Currently we are having three types of fans within the united family.

First type of this fans are those who are calling for the termination of Ole Gunnar's job as a manager. They started early when Manchester lost to young boys. They are convinced that the coach is making poor decisions that costs them. They believe if the couch get sacked, the new one will bring Manchester's glory back.

Second type of fans are those who are neutral. They have no problem with their coach and they still have hope with him. This is the category where majority of the fans are. They are not happy with the recent results but they are not blaming the coach for that. I too agree with them since the couch has been giving the best before while having player of lower class.

Lastly, we have those who don't understand what is happening. Not that they are not royal supporters to the club but they are just waiting to see what next. It is not bad to be in this category since it will make you to avoid frequent attacks from opponents.

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