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How it feels being a mother, Akothee says.

Akothee is a Kenyan outspoken figure and celebrity who is a musician, entrepreneur artist and also a brand ambassador. Akothee is famously know as the president of single mothers who inspires many women through her hard work. She is a mother of five children and the eldest, Vesha, is the CEO of the Akothee Safaris which surprises many due to her young age.

Akothee asked her funs, through her post in the Instagram page, how they felt about being mothers. She said that being a mother is a personal choice, personal decision for ones happiness, children are blessings into our lives. She asked them what would their life be without their children, what would their parents lives be without them. She said that she would have been the most useless human being because her children keeps her on track, they reminded her that she have to always remain sobber,,push harder to see them happy and successful being a mother is a calling. E Majority of her funs said that being a mother is a blessing because their children give them a reason to hustle and be back to their homes.

See how her funs reacted to her post ;

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