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Why It is Difficult to Accept Homosexuality in Kenya

Good evening readers, today we are rooted in culture, ethics, and religion. In the recent past, westernized countries have accepted homosexuality as a legalized practice. Through their movies and lifestyle shows, they have shamelessly advertised and expressed their love and respect to gay couples.

This act can however never be accepted in Kenya. This is because apart from being rooted in ethics and morals, Kenya and a larger part of Africa cherish the religious institution of marriage between people of the opposite sex not of the same sex.

Furthermore, gays are seen as a social evil in society and as agents of darkness. This has received a great dislike from church and Islam leaders.

It is their honest belief that the sexual activities of homosexuals go against the order of nature. This debate has however never been brought to a public discussion. Some Kenyans have however claimed to e victims of forced sexual activities with gays.

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