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Today's 'Nation' Headline Leaves Kenyans Talking

The former Prime Minister Rails Odinga is known by most people as a resilient person who doesn't give up on what he wants no matter what happens. He doesn't show people his weakness but comes up with new strategies to make the next step.

When he lost in 2017 elections people expected him to hide and give up on his wish of becoming a president of this country. Instead Kenyans were shocked to see him close to President Kenyatta and they even had a handshake to demonstrate peace.

However, people have not been sure whether he's going to stand for presidency in 2022 or not. Today's 'Daily Nation' headline clears the doubts as it says, "It's official: Raila in State House race."

This headline has got people talking, most of them saying that they won't believe that because today is 'April Fools Day'.

One of them said, " guys are funny. Raila has always been candidate, it's not news! It's April Fools Day but RAO will be on the ballot."

Take a look at more of the reactions:

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