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Theft robbery

5 Tricks Thieves use Today and how to Protect Yourself

Broken phone camera

Sometimes when you are just minding your own business, a person may come to you, give you their phone and ask to take a picture of them. Thieves have a phone with broken camera and by the time you realize the camera is broken, they will start blaming you and ask you to pay for it. Make sure you are selective when deciding who to take photo for

Impersonating a police office

Do not think that this only happens in movies, such incidents do happen in real life and the person pretending to be a police will really torture or harass you. They might ask you even for your personal details and most people do give them because they think that this is a policeman. It is very important to ask a police for their credentials before proceeding to other issues

Clothes on the windshield

Most people have admitted to finding clothes like shirts lying on their windshield. Now you might wonder how this helps thieves, but when you find something like that, your first step will be getting rid of it for good and as you are busy untying it from the wipers. The criminals will attack you when you are not even expecting it. The best thing is to immediately drive away from that spot and find a nice safe place to get rid of the clothe

A strange device on your car

Technology has really advanced and today people are coming up with a lot of devices for different purposes. This scam includes a GPS tracker that thieves attach to your car, long ago police used such devices to follow criminals but today they can be bought online. They are like a magnet and can be attached even when you are in traffic.

Thieves will know where you are, and how you move so that they plan on an attack. If you see such a device, it’s advisable you report to the police as they might even catch the person who put it there

Holding someone’s baby

This happens when you are just minding your business and someone asks you to hold their baby for them for a while. If you agree, it’s obvious that the baby will look like they are about to fall, the stranger will help you hold the baby comfortably and in that process, you will be pickpocketed. The only way to avoid this is to observant of your environment and being more careful

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