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"Congratulations ODM" SC Ahmednasir as he Laughs at Tuju, Murathe

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir has this morning sent a surprising message to the ODM team specifically to the party's Elections Director Junet Mohammed for fighting hard for the victory of Oimeke in the Bonchari by-election.

It has never been that easy to see SC Ahmednasir giving any credit to anything related to the ODM party or Raila Odinga no matter how good that thing which deserves much credit.

He has even gone ahead to agree, almost for the first time since he started to become much vocal on matters of politics after the handshake, that the ODM party has got a well-deserved victory in the Bonchari by-election.

As the celebrations are still ongoing in Kisii County with lots of congratulatory messages being sent to Oimeke and the entire ODM team that fought hard to that victory, Ahmednasir has turned to the Jubilee party to condemn them for their moves which led to the chaos unleashed to voters by the police officers.

Besides condemning the chaotic scenes promoted by the government through the law enforcement officers, Ahmednasir has laughed off at the Jubilee Secretary-General and Vice-Chair for the painful death of the party.

That is as indicated in the results of the two major by-elections which were done in Juja and Bonchari where none of the Jubilee candidates won besides having heavy support and backup from the state.

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