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India man jailed for killing wife with cobra in Kerala

On Wednesday, an Indian court handed down an unusual double life term to a man who killed his 25-year-old wife by having a cobra bite her while she was sleeping.

The 28 years old Sooraj Kumar was apprehended in his house. This was after his wife was found dead due to snakebite.

Kumar was found guilty of murder by a court in the Kollam district.

He was found guilty of poisoning his wife and attempting to kill her with a Russell's viper in the past.

Judge M Manoj ordered the defendant to two consecutive life terms, rejecting the prosecution's request for capital punishment due to his age and potential for rehabilitation.

 Her family got suspicious of him when she received the deadly bite in May 2020, while she was having treatment for a snake bite just weeks before.

Her family claimed that her spouse was attempting to extort money from them in exchange for a dowry.

Kumar was found to be the mastermind behind both plots, and he devised a scheme that involved renting snakes from a handler and conducting internet research on their bites. The Supreme Court of India recently issued a warning about a rise in snake-bite murders after denying bail to a woman and her partner accused of killing her mother-in-law with a cobra in the northern state of Rajasthan in 2019.

 The most difficult aspect of the Kerala case was demonstrating that the snakebite was murderous. According to the prosecutor, the court was shown a test that demonstrated the difference between natural and artificial bite marks.

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