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"I Was Naked When The PS Beat Me As Workers Watched" PS's Wife Alleges How He Was Beaten Over Food

PS for Cabinet Affairs Julius Korir who is accused of battering his wife- Photo Courtesy

Principal Secretary nominee for Cabinet Affairs Julius Korir was yesterday exposed on how he alleged beat his wife Evelyne Koech three days before her labour infront of the workers.

According to the report, Evelyne narrated how the PS on the fateful day came from his daily chores and asked for food, before she could even respond Korir descended on her with blows and slaps as she tried to protect the unborn baby since she was counting three days for her labour.

"On the fateful day, I was putting our child to bed when my husband walked into the children’s bedroom and shouted ‘Leo utaniona, iko wapi chakula?’ And before I answered the accused started slapping me. I was trying to protect the baby from the slaps," she narrated.

Koech accused Korir that on 17, September 2020, her husband landed on her with a rungu while naked, her effort of seeking help through screams beared no fruits as the workers came but watched the drama since he had dared them not to attempt to help her, at that time she was naked and heavily pregnant.

Whenever the accused assaulted Koech, he would call colleagues and pastor to broke a truce. She also revealed that she has all records of assaulting since 2015 when her husband started being violent.

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