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Tension and Panic After The Trending Course For The Death Of Caroline As The Family Delivers This

It was reported that the body of the late Caroline was brought into the country after she was reported to have lost her life in Saudia. Many of the Kenyans were reported to have been received a shocking News concerning the death of their own. Caroline was reported to have worked in Saudi Arabia for a longer duration.

It was noted that the family and Saudi Arabia government are giving controversial information about her death. The family reports that their own has been battling a lot of challenges in Saudi Arabia, contrary to government report.

In addition, the case of Caroline Aluoch was reported to have taken the attention of many Kenyans who was reported to have a different opinion over the death of Caroline. Some reported that it could be that the government is hiding something to the public over the case.

Finally it was reported that Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia should focus much on their lives. Those working in Saudi Arabia were advised to focus much on their lives instead of crying to the government after series of life challenges. It was reported that the death of Caroline Aluoch created more tension in the country.

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