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Kenyans Reacts After Photo Of Ruto Surfaced While Receiving Cabbage From Mama Mboga In Karen Nairobi

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Kenyans on social media have sparked mixed reactions after photo of Mama mboga giving the deputy president of Kenya William Samoe Ruto a special gift in his Karen home Nairobi shared online.

Ruto has been championed on the need of the government on empowering mama Mboga, Vijana mtaani, Kiosks, mkokoteni people and bodaboda operators across different regions of this country because many people are suffering due to harsh economic time conditions here in Kenya.

A photo of Mama Mboga from Lari constituency while giving Ruto a big cabbage today in Rutos residential area Karen in Nairobi has been shared on Facebook hence eliciting reactions among Kenyans netizens. Ruto is seen happily receiving that gift and discussing something with that woman.

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Kenyans on social media have sparked reactions concerning that post whereby some section of them are saying that Mama Mboga's should be respected because they are vividly doing a good job on selling their products to Kenyans.

Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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