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What Kenyans Told Raila Odinga After He Said This To President Ruto

Even as the political temperatures in the country continue to increase, there has been some little bit of calmness after move by the opposition to agree to having bilateral talks.

In a move that many did not expect earlier this week, the former Prime Minister called off the protests and agreed to give dialogue a chance but promised to revive protests Incase there is no sign of good will from the Government side.

In the fresh demands, the opposition leader did also state that he expects the dialogue to not exceed 30 days for it to be effective. The former Prime Minister has clearly told the President that he has given him the last chance and the talks will determine Azimio's next step.

The bold statement to the President is seen as the final threat that might lead to bigger political problems if things are not done carefully. The President who according to sources is the one who reached out to the former Prime Minister is expected to ensure the talks yield the expected results for the good of the nation.

Kenyans have since reacted with many claiming that they are used to the threats. Some have also considered the move as dangerous that might have devastating effects on the nation. See what Kenyans told the former Prime Minister;

Samy M Ruoya: This is dangerous talk. Let's see who gives who the last chance...

Richman: Don't give him if that's how you talk. In fact go to the street tomorrow and fanye Ile kitu. The marksmen are still out there...

Nico Mutua: You lost your bargaining power the first time you called off the demonstrations...

Organic Foods Market KE: Ruto is your friend, go have a cup of tea with him before others get there before you, there's still a lot you can do. The president means good...

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