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A student hit by a teacher in Moi Forces admitted in ICU

A student in Moi Forces Academy has been receiving treatment after receiving minor injuries from a teacher. The sister's brother was summoned by the principal at his office on Saturday 11th August to pick up his brother because he had developed an eye problem.

While on the road sister's brother (Muli Muthike) was asked by the boy to take him to the hospital since he wasn't feeling okay

After a series of test including the Covid 19 the results came out negative but when the boy arrived home his condition worsened.

Due to tension from the family member the boy was rushed again to the hospital since he had even started loosing his speech. On reaching the doctors noticed a swelling head. He then started loosing movements of some body parts and after a computed tomography scan he was found to have internal injuries.

Corporal punishment

Under kenya children's act corporal punishment is officially banned. Surprisingly, it is still being practiced in many schools.Many students complain how they are punished thoroughly

School irresponsibility

Acoording to Muli her brother's school has been unresponsive to inquiries as to what exactly happened on the fateful Saturday afternoon. "We tried to call the school but no one is responding or explaining what happened. They called back on Monday and it was clear the boy was hit considering he has no marks in the body. This is not the first time this is happening."She frustratedly wrote on social media

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