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African Music Is The Spirit Of Life

Music is the magic that directly speaks to the soul. In music, there is the truth of life that cannot be spoken in any other way. Music is the same but the prophets of music are many and each of them speaks the language differently. This natural language is borrowed from the universe and is as old as the universe itself.

African music and the culture of Africans are joined at the hip. In the olden days of our ancestors, Africa was a joyous place to live in, the land was full of music. A child's birth was greeted with ululations and jubilations from the community welcoming the newborn into the peaceful land of warriors.

Music would also be present in the stages of the child's life, through naming, initiation, marriage, and death. The African child would sing to his agemates when playing telling the other children a story of the joy that was in his or her heart through a song.

African music imitates the natural melodies and rhythms of nature. From the euphonious tunes of birds, aeolian of the wind, the rustling of leaves to the splat, and plink of water. Music native to Africa is also slow and meditative.

Life is always against the clock but with music, you borrow a calm spirit full of life. Dance is also a graceful exercise that expresses the love of the music. Africans danced and sang together which cemented the African community as one big family.

The Africans sang everything about life and its many journeys. The hunters in West Africa sang and danced to the community about their hunting victories. Music was a natural way of communicating and telling stories in a creative way. Warriors enchanted their souls with chants before war and marriage songs were sung in traditional weddings. Evil spirits in Sub-Saharan communities were chased away by music rituals.

In all utterances and deeds, music has true power and spiritual awakening. Africans and music were never apart and will never be apart. Music cannot be taught because everyone has his own style of music. African music has been buried by the flooding of far-flung music in the media. The peculiar music has been espoused into the culture of the young Africans who are slowly being detached from their African music. African music is fulfilling and tells a story never heard before.

Thank you for enjoying my article.

Content created and supplied by: JobOtworiblue (via Opera News )

Africa African African Music Is The Spirit Of Africans


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