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How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used social media site being used for chatting, video call and other things like group meetings. People are now using WhatsApp more frequent than Facebook and Instagram. Despite being the most used site friends and families block each other whenever they have an argument. Some people have been left wondering how they will know that they have been blocked in Whatsapp. Today I'm going to talk about the common ways on how to know if a person has blocked you on WhatsApp.

1.You will not be able to see their profile picture.

This is one of the most common signs that a person has blocked you. You will not be able to see his/her profile picture until she unblocks you. Most people always put their profile picture even if it's not their real picture. If you have an argument with your friend and then boom you can't see their profile picture anymore, that is a clear sign that you have been blocked.

2.Only a single tick will appear one you text them.

Here comes another sign that you have been blocked in Whatsapp. Some people who have knowledge about this will assume that the person is offline not knowing that they have been blocked. A double grey/blue tick will usually appear if someone is online and they have not blocked your number. A single tick will only show if the person is offline or if they have blocked your number.

3.You will be able to add the person who blocked you to any group.

Another important sign that your friend has blocked you on their WhatsApp. When you are doubting if a person has blocked you or not, you can try adding their number to a group. If you are not able to add them then that is a clear sign that he/she has blocked you. The only option is to text them with another number so that they can unblock you.

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