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New taxes that you will be paying this year shared by Pauline Njoroge on Facebook

If you are a frequent social media user, you may have come across Pauline Njoroge at some point. She is a political analyst and also a social media influencer who has moved from grass to fame due to her creativity, determination and hardwork she employed. She is a renown analyst with well ground to be distracted by naysayers.

Pauline Njoroge has shared a post of new taxes that has been introduced by the new government regime of president Dr William Ruto. The following are taxes to be paid by every Kenyan this year.

1. The user of e-books and video conferencing will have to pay 16% VAT.

2. Mobile to Bank transactions 20% of exercise duty will be charged.

3. Bank to mobile transactions 20% of exercise duty will be charged.

4. Capital gains tax of 15% when you transfer property.

5. Listening to music on Spotify will be charged 16% VAT.

6. Streaming movies on Netflix will be charged 16% VAT.

7. Transfer of unquoted shares and right one will be required to pay 15 % tax.

What are your suggestions over this new taxes ? Do you are agree with this new government regime? Let's see your comment below.

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