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Unlike other women, I paid to get pregnant' Jackline narrates of how hard her life is.

'I had big dreams just as any girl in the village, the thought of one day walking down the isle with a man and later on sire a family together is one that remains a dream to me to this date, no man wants to marry me due to my disability to the extend that I had to work hard, get paid then have to pay a man to get me pregnant after which he left and I cannot recall his face anymore" 

Jackline, a lady born and bred in the village underwent what no human would want to go through, watching your family members get hacked to death then having to experience the pain of machetes go through your body is just unbearable. 

The story of the man-made inflictions on her body that severed her arms and left her one eyed after men gorged out her right eye is just touching. She narrated how hard life has been to her since the horrifying experience when she was eleven years old, how no man wanted to marry her due to her disability (no hands and a gorged out eye).

She proceeds on to say that she had been living with a neighbour for years and when she felt confident enough to move out, she did then went on to work as a house assistant cleaning peoples homes for money which she would later realize she needs to pay a man in order for her to get a child.

She is pleading with well wishers to assist her find an employment that will better enable her put food on her table and meet her rental demands.

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