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Huge Blow To Raila Odinga As Uhuru Directly Does This To Him Ahead Of 2022 Presidential Race.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has been great friends immediately after the handshake was initiated in 2018.

Presidential seat is now becoming key discussion in the country even before all politicians who are interested have not shown up. Recently, president Uhuru Kenyatta has made a decision saying that he is going to endorse one of the NASA principle although he did not disclose the person but it could be his friend Raila Odinga.

Today, some shock news emerged that president Uhuru Kenyatta has a different plan for endorsing a different leader who might be the SC Matiangi to compete with the deputy president William Ruto among other leaders.

“He is being viewed as the best candidate for President Kenyatta and Raila’s handshake side,” the official told the paper, only a few days after Raila met the CS and other Gusii leaders during a meeting.

According to the Star, some information about Uhuru's plans was leaked about SC Matiangi who is now being groomed and prepared to to be endorse by the president Uhuru Kenyatta which will be a shock to the country as it was said by the president sometimes back.

“Raila would want to work with many people. The Cabinet Secretary has carved out a niche for himself, maybe not so much of a politician so far; he is more of a technocrat,” he told the paper.

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