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Raila Warmly Received in Witethie Thika, Area Governor Finds It Hard Addressing Crowd That Gathered

Raila has continued with his vote hunting mission of the Mount Kenya region. He is currently in Witethie Thika where huge crowds have built up to welcome the former prime minister in the area. He is in the company of the area governor who had a difficult time addressing the residents. This is because they demanded to hear from Raila Odinga.

Raila In Witethie Thika

To cut the speech short he welcomed Kanini Kega to address the residents before welcoming Raila Odinga to speak to the gathered crowd. From the look of things, the huge crowd was prepared to meet the former prime minister in the region.

Raila Addressing Crowd in Witethie

While addressing the resident Raila has affirmed his commitment to bringing change into the region which has for long been a hotbed for the ruling party Jubilee. Raila has made several rallies in the region today accompanied by some of Uhuru’s allies from the government and the region.

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