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Breakdown on Uhuru's speech

This comes at a time when the country is having labour day celebrations

The celebrations were held in statehouse due to Covid and the president had this to say

1.Cessation of Movement in and out of the five counties under lockdown has been lifted

This comes after an outcry from most Kenyans claiming the lockdown had completely hindered their source of income thus interfering with their lives

2.Schools to reopen according to the school Calendar

The reopening of schools will see students from all over the country traveling to various thus the opening of the five counties

3.The number of people attending religious services has been increased

4.The number of people visiting the sick in hospitals has been reduced

This has been done so as to reduce the number of rising cases in the country

The President then goes on to ask Kenyans to continue taking good care of themselves and sanitising so as to completely flatten the curve

This comes at a time when the Covid 19 infection curve has been on the low but the president still calls on everyone to take care of him/herself

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