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5 Things You Will Know Right After Death

There are phenomena in nature which God has never revealed to humans since time immemorial. The secret maybe for a good reason which we again do not understand. Here are things which God is keeping secret.

1. God Himself

Right now there is a lot of debate in the minds of many people about the existence of God. We are not sure what form does He exist. I am sure most of us holds image of God being an old man sitting somewhere in the sky. Some will say God is a spirit in nature and therefore as no gender nor a shape. All this will be known after we die. The creator, which we don't know, is keeping this secrets.

2. Yourself

According to Jesus of Nazareth, we exist in three forms. The body, Spirit and the soul. In this three, we don't know who we really are because both of them are our belongings. We have identified ourselves as bodies rather than being Spirits or souls. After you die, you will be able to know the real identity of yourself.

3. Time

In our three-dimensional space, we only know time as past, present and future. It is like a linear path to travel. According to physicists time in not real. It is just an illusion. The past present and the future exists as one has happenings. It means everything happens at the same time. From this, we can conclude that time is an illusive concept made of human memories. Again this concept we be known after we die because we have no proof.

4. Death itself

Many of us wonder what happens right after we die. In our minds death is the end of life. The believers and non-believers both believe that there is afterlife. We lived before we came to earth and we will continue living after we die. You are sure of this, and time will tell.

Some will say death is a transition from being human to spiritual form.

5. Incarnation

This is a concept of afterlife which belives that we keep coming back to earth as rebirth. Some personalities around the world's history claimed to have remembered their past lives on earth.

6. Existence of angels

All humans believe that everybody has a guardian angel. We will see them after death.

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