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Good News to P1 Teachers as TSC Lowers their Deployment Requirements


In its second round of primary school teacher placement, the TSC has undertaken a few modifications.

In the junior high school segment, the Commission continues to experience a severe teaching shortage.

Yesterday, the Commission announced via its social media channels that the application has been reopened and will remain active through March 22.

The application period for the rollout to high schools has been extended by the Commission. Reopening the link is now possible. Applications from qualified primary school teachers are welcome. To access the portal, go to The registration deadline is March 22, 2023, according to TSC.

Numerous PTE educators who were barred from the practice in the first iteration will now be able to participate. The documents of the first cohorts have already been verified, and posting letters have been given to those who were successful.

The teachers who have been deployed begin at job group C2, where they will work for 3 years before being automatically transferred to job group C3.

Pay for a C2 teacher on active duty:

Basic salary: Ksh 34,955

Dwelling allowance (other areas): 7,500

difficulty areas: 10,900

500 commuters

Leave (paid only in January) 6,000

The prerequisites for assignment to junior intermediate, however, have been lowered by TSC. This will make it possible for teachers who have pre-university credentials to apply.

According to the Commission, P1 teachers currently in the classroom who earned their pre-university degree on or before December 31, 2015, should be given consideration for junior secondary placement.

Therefore, teachers who entered college with a KCSE mean score of C (plain) but completed a transition course before pursuing a degree are certified to instruct students in Grades 7, 8, and 9.

However, TSC has not yet lowered the standards to admit primary school educators with other diplomas and degrees, such as those with the primary option.

According to the Commission, primary school teachers who want to work at JSS must be certified to instruct in secondary institutions. The instructor must fulfill the following conditions:

i) Be currently registered with the TSC as a teacher.

ii) is employed by the TSC as a primary school teacher.

iii) A person shouldn't be serving an incursion or going through a disciplinary procedure right now.

iv) Possess a minimal level of a Diploma in Education and at least two C+ grades from the KCSE (or its equivalent; either under the 8-4-4 or CBC curricula) or two (2) fundamentals and one (1) conglomerate pass from "A" Level.

Those who have completed both a Bachelor Degree in Education and a Diploma in Education and have earned a minimal grade of C (plain) at the KCSE (or its equivalent) are eligible.

v) The bachelor's degree must be indicated on the diploma. Holders of a Bachelor of Education (Elementary Option) are ineligible.

vi) The person's name must appear on the list provided by the headquarters, and they must have expressed a desire to be sent to a junior secondary school.

During the verification process, candidates are required to submit the following documents:

i) A duplicate and the original of the diploma or degree certificate;

ii) Academic transcripts, both original and duplicates;

iii) Where appropriate, the genuine and a copy of the SNE qualification;

iv) A copy and the original of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (or a similar document);

v) A replica of the most recent paystub;

vi) A statement from the head of the institution stating that the teacher is presently employed by the school and is not subject to a disciplinary procedure or serving an interdiction.

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