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Should I Vomit Milk I Took In The Morning? Moses Kuria Reacts To An Order To Pull Down His Billboard

Moses Kuria is lamenting the directive to remove his billboard which he had mounted at village market Nairobi. it is operated by the Livead and the owner of the land has ordered it to be removed.

Moses has taken to his Facebook account to vent his frustrations arguing that the owner of the land is a relative to president Kenyatta and that by virtue of being a relative to president, she cannot allow such billboard to displayed in her land.

Kuria lamented "Should I vomit the Brookside milk i took for breakfast?, The president is a resoector of private businesses, we should separate business from politics. thus hurts, it is very wrong".

It is a democratic right for each and every Kenyan citizen to showcase what they like without infringing someone's right. President Kenyatta should learn to respect other people opinions no matter how much he disagree. politics should not be full of hate but instead have constructive criticisms.

Feel free to share your thoughts, has Kuria offended anyone with his billboard post? or because the it captured Ruto's image? well, politics should not be a source of enmity.

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