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How To Make Millions Yearly Through Eggs Distribution Business In Kenya

The eggs wholesale business yields high profits in kenya. However, not many people make it in this business because of high competition and other factors involved.

Many hotels, restaurants, events, families, and individuals consume eggs in large numbers in kenya because it has many benefits.

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The common question many people ask is how do they start selling this product?

The answer is, first locate a farm where you can constantly get a large volume supply of of this commodity from.

The other thing you need to factor in, is to raise enough starting capital to run your business so that once you reach out to prospective clients to supply them eggs, you would be able to handle the supplies on time every time.

After that please consider the following requirements in order to run you business smoothly, buy many egg trays, find a room to store the eggs and look for a means of transport.

The next step is to build your supply chain by reaching out to prospective clients who have a high chance of making a daily recurrent purchase from your business.

When they buy from you on a recurring basis, you will have a steady weekly income for example if you sell 100 trays of eegs amd each tray goes for 300 shillings, then it means you will make 30, 000 per week. 

Finally, offer your customers excellent customer service so that they can tell their friends about your business.

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