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The Original Idea of Mobile Banking Conducted From Vehicles

Today you can use your mobile phone to do mobile banking. You just can just walk to a shopping center and find banking agents and do some deposit and some withdrawals. It is even possible to open a bank account without necessarily visiting a bank Branch. But have you asked yourself how things were in earlier 2000s?

In earlier 2000s, Banks had to Use pick-ups like the one above. They had to drive it with 2 armed cops, park at a market and service clients for 4hrs before driving back to bank in time for end of day reports at the branch.

They were the genesis of agency banking but are no longer necessary. They've been replaced by agents operating ordinary shops, salons, chemists etc where people can withdraw small amounts of money (Small because of security issues)

They started the journey of believing you can actually bank outside brick and mortal bank. These days Banks have equipped themselves with Banking Apps for mobile banking. They have equipped themselves with Banking agents. i guess they still serve some communities to date. Some saccos in remote areas have adapted this old trick to serve their clients in very remote areas.

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