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600k cash bail for ghetto president Gaucho

Recently elected BUNGE la wananchi President Calvince Okoth alias Gaucho has been remanded at the industrial area remand prison on charges of robbery with violence during the just concluded bunge elections which were held at Uhuru park freedom corner.

Ghetto president as he is commonly known is cooling his heels in the notorious K block at the prison after failing to raise a cash bail of 600 thousand Kenyan shillings.

In his defense the president cited frustrations from the outgoing President Ababu who is using his connections to make it hard for him to run the nationwide movement.

Despite his predicaments, Gaucho found time to urge his supporters especially the youths to take advantage of this voter registration period and register as voters.

“Finally the have succeeded to take me to remand industrial area with 2 account s of robbery with violence on 27th September during bunge elections. They claim that I robbed them near city hall. Daylight robbery!! Who would do that in central CBD? My friends Diamond Damon Osawa (Jonah) and Mark olonde jueni all in all kila kitu kina mwisho, I urge my supporters bunge la mwananchi kenya mzima my party ODM mniombe, the bond is 600k. I love you all thanks for standing with me in politics we must pass through this things ni kama exams lazima upitie,see you when i get out, Bunge members take heart, my fellow youths chukueni kura so that we can elect right leaders come 2022,,,i will be in K BLOCK INDUSTRIAL AREA👊”. Gaucho

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