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Simple And Best Method Of Making Your Cow To Produce More Milk For Huge Profits (Photos).

Dairy cattles are kept in different parts of Kenya. Farmers keep these animals principally for milk production. There are different breeds of dairy cattles kept by Kenyan farmers. They include; Fresian, Guernsey and Jersey.

The farmer may have a good dairy cattle breed in his or her farm but still harvest low quantities and qualities of milk. Low milk production makes the farmer to incur alot of losses. This article will help you understand some of the things you can do to increase milk production in your cows.

Proper feeding. Feeding is very crucial because it is the food that will be converted into milk by the cow. The farmer should give feeds with high protein content to the cows. Some of the locally available feeds rich in proteins include; desmodium, clover, nappier grass, kush grass, banana leaves, maize stalks and Kikuyu grass.

Apart from proper feeding, it is very important for a farmer to give adequate amount of clean drinking water to the dairy cattles. Water is a component of milk. It also helps in other physiological and biochemical processes.

Salt cubes should also be given to dairy cows because they activate oxytocin and progesterone hormone to stimulate milk production when the cow licks the. The salt cubes are provided to cows during milking hours. Properly nourished dairy cow has the capacity to produce more than twenty litres of milk per day. When the farmer harvests more milk, he or she will enjoy more profits through sales of milk.

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