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Two Reasons Why Your Voice Sounds Different On a Recording

Have you ever listened to your voice and wondered why it sounds different? Well, it all comes down to simple science. Here are two reasons why your voice sounds different on a recording.

Method of Sound Conduction

The ear's hearing mechanism is located deep within the inner ear. However, the sounds reach the inner ear in different ways that make your voice recording sound different.

Firstly, sound waves reach the inner ear through conduction in the air. Secondly, the sound waves can also be transmitted directly from the bones and tissues in your head to the inner ear. The voice without a recording that you hear is a result of both transmissions.

However, while listening to your voice recording, you only hear sounds transmitted via air conduction to the inner ear. The difference comes in because you miss out on the sound that reaches the ear directly from your head. That is one reason why your voice sounds different to you on a recording.

The difference in frequency vibrations

When hearing your voice through bone conduction, the head bones and tissues tend to enhance lower frequency vibrations. The vibration enhancement makes the voice sound deeper and fuller. However, when listening to your voice recording, enhancement of the sound vibration does not take place. The voice recording, therefore, sounds higher and weaker than you think it should.

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