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Morning News; Good News To All Teachers After Latest Detail Emerge

Covid-19 pandemic has been a main setback in most of the sectors of the government. Besides job losses, there have been delays in implementation of some insurance policies that are aimed at benefiting the public. The Teachers Professional Development Modules ought to have been rolled out have been it no longer for Covid-19 pandemic in the country. As per the preliminary layout by using TSC, some companies of instructors would have already been deep in the first module.

Yesterday, the Commission rolled out the modules coaching for teachers. Kenyatta University, Riara and Mount Kenya Universities collectively with KEMI will have the instructors educated in the modules with module 1 predicted to start soon.

The instructors have been concerned of this at such a time when cash is challenging to come by way of, particularly after their hopes for a new CBA getting dashed. It is some top news to the instructors who will no longer choose to go for the trainings, however would favor to be promoted in a range of posts. The Commission has clarified that if an instructor misses out in the trainings, he or she will no longer be affected in the promotions. This is an amazing reprieve to many instructors who are feeling agitated, however in concern that they will be locked out of the promotions.

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