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Harmonize and Rayvanny Respond to Paula and Kajala Story

Tanzania Bongo star Harmonize busted after sending his nudes to Paula, the daughter of the woman she is dating. He is said to be having an affair with both the mother and the daughter. Actress Frida Kajala is dating with Harmonize and the trending news would proof disastrous to their relationship.

Rayvanny shared Harmonize and Paula chats on his timeline. Harmonize is seen expressing his love to Paula and even goes as far as sharing his nudes with her.

At first ,it was Harmonize who was blaming Rayvanny for dating Paula. He even went ahead saying Rayvanny should be jailed for dating a school girl whom now he has fallen trap with. The news have kept the internet ablaze with some saying Harmonize should ask for forgiveness while others blame the mom and daughter for whatever is ongoing.

Why would Rayvanny do such a thing to an old Buddy? Revenge?

On a recent new audio song release,Harmonize is seen to sing his heart out. He is saying that , the world is not a fair place and her love should be aware of the jealousy people who wish to destroy their relationship.

In yet another song release,hours after Harmonize release,Rayvanny acted swiftly. In his new song called "Nyamaza",he is telling his former friend, to stop telling lies. He should literally shut up. He is saying ,maybe Harmonize is high on drugs because the truth has finally come out.

What is next?

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