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Pregnancy period

4 Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy If Not Taken Moderately

Motherhood is not an easy journey like most of us think, it starts with pregnancy. Though it is crucial for a pregnant woman to have a balanced and nutritious diet accompanied by lots of fruits and vegetables, there are certain foods she is not allowed to consume. The miscarriage can be easily triggered when consuming these food items especially during her first trimester of pregnancy.

It is very essential when a pregnant woman avoid specific foods during pregnancy. This is mainly done to prevent a miscarriage. Let's go through some of the foods that can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.


Did you know that this fruit contains bromelain which should not be consumed by a pregnant woman. Bromelain softens the cervix and starts untimely labour contractions, which may lead to a miscarriage. You can take pineapple moderately during your early stages of pregnancy. Don't consume it heavily because it might cause bleeding. Consult your medical doctor too to get the full information on pineapple consumption during pregnancy.


The components in green papayas and unripe papayas act as laxatives and can bring on premature labour. There is also enzymes in papaya seeds that can lead to contraction of the uterus. When the contraction is made the a miscarriage can easily occur.

3.Raw Diary Products

There are some raw diary products that should be avoided during your early stages of pregnancy. The following products posses disease carrying bacteria like Listeria monocytogenes which is very harmful to the pregnancy; mozzarella, unpasteurized milk, gorgonzola, feta and brie varieties of cheese. Taking them can cause pregnancy complications especially at the early stages.


Researchers found that moderate consumption of caffeine during pregnancy can be quite safe. However when the intake is increased can easily lead to miscarriage or giving birth to an underweight baby. Pregnant women are advised to consume them in limited quantities because it has a mild diuretic effect.

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