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"They Were Cooking at Gravesites" Details Emerge About Shakahola Massacre, What Mackenzie's Men Do

Prof. Kithure Kindiki, the minister of the interior, has revealed chilling information about the murders and mass graves committed by Pastor Paul Mackenzie and his associates in the Shakahola forest. The Interior CS gave a harrowing account of what was happening in the forest, including details that had previously been withheld. Mackenzie and his associates were arrested less than two months ago on charges of radicalizing, brainwashing, and compelling members of his church to fast to death.

Now that he's behind bars, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the National Intelligence Service, and other key security organizations are conducting their own independent investigations into the deaths and burial sites. A number of people have been rescued, but the search for those who may still be hidden on the 800 acre plot of property continues. Meanwhile, the dead toll has passed 250, despite ongoing efforts to locate additional victims' bodies.

Most of the victims died of malnutrition, however some may have been strangled, according to postmortem examinations. Kithure, in describing the ordeal, disclosed that those who tried to renounce their fast were murdered by Mackenzie's associates. Even as they continued their task, he reaffirmed, Mackenzie's men would cook at the tomb.

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