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IG Mutyambai Reacts to Video of 5 Police Officers Caught Stealing Alcohol During Curfew Hours

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The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of the interior has finally broken its loud silence after a group of 5 police officers were caught breaking into a certain pub in Nairobi, where various alcoholic drinks and at least kshs 25,000 disappeared.

Reacting to the alleged video clip where police officers are seen breaking down the shop to gain access to the pub, the Inspector General of police has this morning reported that investigations are now underway to ensure that they will act accordingly. He has however promised kenyans that justice will prevail and if any of the said 5 officers will be found committing such an offense, strong and tough legal actions will be taken against him or her.

Hillary Mutyambai: This is a subject of an active investigation based on the CCTV footage. It would be premature to speak about it before a conclusive report is submitted and the complainant briefed on the same. Should the officers be found culpable then action will be taken #EngageTheIG

Here is the Video Clip, Please Watch It

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