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Good News To Primary School Teachers As TSC Allegedly Reveals Plans To Promote Them

Teachers Service Commission has revealed new plans to promote primary school teachers with C+ and degrees to the new junior secondary before next year. It is alleged that this rush move is a bid to tackle the scarcity of educators to accommodate the newly created junior secondary schools under the CBC format.

There are high speculations of higher deployment slots next year as compared to the current 1,000 per year. This is for the double transition in 2023 which will need more secondary school teachers.

It is also further reported that more that a thousand practicing P1 teachers who would be promoted to the secondary schools by next year September. These teachers set to benefit are those who had allegedly submitted their applications online and retrained their hard copies with their respective TSC county offices.

"Next year is likely to be different. Some good number of primary schools will be used as Junior schools in 2023 as said before by ministry of education..." Read part of the report.

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