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How To Divert Incoming Calls While Still Your Phone Is On And Only Get Notified

Use the methods below to guide you on how to block phone and SMS use of the phone regardless of alternatives.

Tap three dabs (…) in the left or right corner of the screen. Tap on the setting then click available if needed to set. Then select the SIM that you need to block every incoming call. Call on Safaricom SIM and choose to consider banning from the emerging options. To block every incoming call, tap on the check box, which is the opposite.

Using Safaricom shortcodes to block the two phones and SMS. Numbers are used differently as below.

To block all incoming SMS messages:

You can set up support by dialing * 35 * 0000 * 16 #.

To check the condition you can call, * # 35 # to confirm if you will still bear fruit.

Blocking incoming calls while moving: You can dial * 351 * 0000 # to encourage support. Followed by dialing * # 351 # to confirm the situation with members.

To block all incoming calls in the world: Dial * 331 * 0000 #, followed by * # 331 # to confirm your membership.

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