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Side Effects Of ARVs That Most People Don't Know

Antiretroviral medication has proven very beneficial for those with HIV and AIDS. They assist in shielding people from the harmful effects of the infection. The affected individuals who use it are guarded against opportunistic illnesses. But utilizing ARVs can have certain side effects. Check out the effects.

Some individuals' bodies begin to weaken as soon as they begin using the drug. This is because it could respond differently to various individuals. Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and vomiting are side effects of this medication. The patient may quit eating, which would result in weight loss.

High cholesterol levels can result from taking ARVs. This may cause the patient to rapidly gain weight. After beginning to take these antiretroviral medications, some patients appear healthy because of this. Additionally, the patient will begin to feel generally weak and exhausted. Despite their negative side effects, ARVs allow patients to have a longer virus-filled life.

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