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DJ Fatxo Acquitted in Jeff Mwathi Murder Case: Artist Vows to Move Forward with Grace and Love.

Popular Kikuyu artist DJ Fatxo has been acquitted by the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations) in the murder case of Jeff Mwathi. The singer's acquittal is due to a lack of direct evidence linking him to Mwathi's death. DJ Fatxo's lawyer, Duncan Okach, expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating that his client can now return to his normal activities after being deeply affected by the process.

In a press statement, Okach conveyed his contentment with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) agreeing with the findings and recommendations of the DCI. He stressed that there is no evidence to suggest any criminal involvement on DJ Fatxo's part and highlighted that the artist was not present at his residence during the unfortunate incident. Okach commended the professionalism, independence, and focus displayed by the DCI and the DPP, despite attempts to tarnish DJ Fatxo's reputation.

DJ Fatxo took to social media to address his fans, followers, and the public, expressing his condolences to Mwathi's family and friends. He emphasized that he has been found not guilty after thorough investigations by the DCI and the ODPP. The artist urged people not to rush to judgment or engage in cyberbullying based on mere accusations or rumors. Having experienced the harm caused by false accusations and cyberbullying, he called for compassion, understanding, and respect in our interactions.

Expressing gratitude to God for guiding him and thanking his family for their unwavering support, DJ Fatxo forgave those who propagated false narratives. He hoped that everyone involved would learn from this experience and encouraged individuals to seek the truth, approach situations with an open mind and a compassionate heart, and embrace personal and communal growth.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is preparing to recommend an inquest into Jeff Mwathi's death, with the letter to be filed in court soon. Mwathi was found deceased in DJ Fatxo's Kasarani apartment. Okach stated that his client would now resume his normal life, focusing on his passion for bringing joy and entertainment to people through his music.

As DJ Fatxo moves forward with grace and love, his acquittal serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking truth and treating others with compassion, particularly in the realm of online discourse.

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