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Divorce Affair

Zora: Zalena To Start Preparing For Divorce

Oliver finds Zalena on the sitting room. He talk to Zalena but she is quite. Oliver will ask Zalena if he is talking to the walls, he tells her if is thinking about Madiba then he will not come back to his house and if she wants to follow him she may pack and leave.

Zalena gets angry and tells Oliver that he regrets marrying him. Oliver tells her that she will remain to be his wife when she is outside with her friends and the family even if she don't talk to him. Zalena stands and tells him that he hate him so much.

Then Oliver takes out his rings and tells Zalena that she should get prepared for a divorce. Zalena will not believe if Oliver is asking for a divorce but Oliver is serious and ready for it because he has a replacement. Oliver will leave and Zalena will be left shocked with many questions.

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Madiba Oliver Zalena


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